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DTLA Welcomes Audacity of Sound this Saturday

This Saturday, Grand Performances presents their Audacity of Sound festival to the streets of Los Angeles, a wholly free outdoor affair with vendors, activities, and immersive and interactive performances. Audacity of Sound culminates community and culture in a multi-tiered fashion,

Aly and AJ Create a Sanctuary of Inclusivity

After a decade long break, sister duo, Aly and AJ Michalka return to the music scene as independent artists and advocates for the LGBTQ community. The duo announced their return with the song, “Take Me,” and later an EP, Ten

Young & Sick Takes Over the Echo

Young & Sick brought insane beats to the Echo on June 20. Opening for the show was North Carolina native Caitlin Linney, also known as Linney, who introduced some new songs that were what she described as “California inspired.” She

The Latinx Influence on Hip Hop Culture and Music

From the late ‘80s to the early ‘90s, hip hop rose from a community of resilience in the Bronx, New York. Hip hop grew more popular and spread west,  eventually mixing cultures and evolving. Latino and Caribbean-Americans have expressed their

Young & Sick Coming to the Echo

Following the release of the EP Size of Relief, Dutch-born musician and visual artist, Nick van Hofwegen, known by the music and art project name Young & Sick, sets out on tour with his three-piece band to play an exclusive

6 Artists Who Empower Women Through Their Music

“​Dog​.” “​Ugly​ both inside and out.” “​Horseface​.” “​Y​ou​ never get to the face because the body’s so good.” And finally, ​“​Such a ​nasty woman​.”​ ​ Those are a few words and phrases President Trump has used to describe the women

Madonna at Sixty

The night before the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas in May, Madonna was sitting in the arena attached to the MGM Grand hotel, staring at a double of herself. The double, who was standing on the stage many yards


To kick-off the first official weekend of summer, Wicked Paradise brings a new caliber of nostalgia and underground house funk that embraces the old and new for music lovers of all ages. Ahead of Wicked Paradise’s slew of summer jams,


Who the hell is CAPYAC? No one can really seem to put their finger on whatever kind of hemorrhage this duo is gushing. After seeing the LA-based band perform a handful of times around town, I am caught on the

The Gloaming Visit The Theatre at Ace Hotel

Ireland’s The Gloaming hopped from coast to coast, including sold out stints in New York and Boston, before coming to Los Angeles for their only west coast stop. UCLA’s Center for the Art of Performance (CAP) welcomed them on April

A Brief Timeline of Appropriation in Music History

Since the release of “7 Rings” Ariana Grande has been under fire for the controversial issue of cultural appropriation, yet again. But are the claims really valid? Or is the feminist popstar merely appreciating and paying tribute to other cultures?

LA Phil’s Riotous Night Around the World

The Los Angeles Philharmonic returned to The Walt Disney Concert Hall as they welcomed two esteemed musicians to perform three powerful works from three distinct eras: Russian-Romantic Peter Tchaikovsky’s Violin Concerto in D Major, the impressionist masterpiece La Mer from

DJ Adam 12 releases new mix for Giorgio’s

It’s been a wild weekend. From the stoner festivities of 4/20 to Easter and Passover, and lest we forget the concluding days of Coachella. Rising out of the settled dust today, luckily, is a new mix from DJ Adam 12

Charting Lil Nas X: Why is Fusion Still So Controversial?

What started off as a social media challenge trend on TikTok, turned into a widely popular number one ‘country trap’ single “Old Town Road” by Atlanta rapper Lil Nas X. Despite the fame, according to Rolling Stone, the song debuted

Lionel Bringuier Returns to LA Phil with French Connections

Walt Disney Concert Hall was a flurry of energy Friday, March 29th. After some time away on tour, the LA Philharmonic Orchestra was back, with a familiar addition. The orchestra began to tune, the A slowly rising and growing. “It’s

5 LGBTQ Icons Who Fight for Representation in Music

2015 was the tip of the iceberg for LGBTQ community, equality and representation. While #loveislove trended across the web and multiple platforms, music was a seemingly unmoved platform. Aside from rap/hip-hop, the music industry is also dominated with pop songs

Ireland’s whenyoung make their LA Debut

This week, Los Angeles welcomed whenyoung to their first two shows on the west coast at Bardot and Moroccan Lounge. Their hometown is Ireland’s city of the same name as the bawdy and humorous verse, Limerick. However, this trio was

Why We Keep Dancing to Explicit and Degrading Lyrics

We all know, people are socialized through music. Rap and Hip-hop overtook Rock music as the most listened-to genre in 2017, however Latin music is currently making its way to #1. Both genres have their respective origins with lyrically meaningful

Generation Z is Nostalgic. Here are 5 Things We Still Love.

It’s the year of 2019. Millennials are the largest population, surpassing the Baby Boomers. Then comes Gen. Z, which often gets mixed into the millennial and Gen. Alpha categorization. Gen. Z is the generation of memes, ridiculous challenges, and most

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