DIY Halloween: A Low Maintenance Roundup

  A wise, reputable young woman by the name of Regina George once said, “Halloween is the one night a year when girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it.” While this is true,

Zodiac Beauty + Grooming Guide: Hello, Libra Season

Before we reduce everyone to his/her Zodiac sign, allow us to explain: We believe that styling yourself according to your astrological affiliation connects you to your you-est you—the version of yourself that the universe recognizes. We’re keen on the thought

Listen Up: Our Favorite Podcasts Right Now

  Podcasts are perfect for word and idea junkies—because they’re more engaging than music, but don’t require all the faculties that a full-on conversation does. Think of them as little, almost voyeuristic peeks into people’s minds, bite-sized food for thought to consume while

Convenient, Affordable Yoga That Comes to You

  When it comes to yoga, it can be difficult to find an experienced teacher—in terms of training, teaching and self-practice— at a reasonable price and convenient location. Enter Yogis On The Move: a traveling yoga studio featuring knowledgeable, dedicated

Staycation: Time to Revisit the W

Plagued by cozy real estate with a best friend coming to town? Fancy your personal space but hosting an LA Holiday this year? Or maybe you are just looking for a getaway sans travel. Enter W West Beverly Hills—er, Westwood,

Girl Gang: Inside Kate Nash’s Online Creative Community

  In a city where ‘gang’ tends to have a negative connotation, pop star-turned-punk-rocker Kate Nash is giving the term a whole new meaning. Becoming something of a feminist icon, Nash started Girl Gang just a couple years ago with

Just Extensions: Exploring the Complex Hair Industry

Hair extensions are big business. The largely unregulated industry’s exact numbers are hard to pin down, but with trade between customers, salon owners, wholesale suppliers, and everything in between— even a conservative estimate puts the market well into the millions.

Day Trip: Ojai, LA’s Own Shangri-La

A mere two hours north of LA proper lies the artsy resort town of Ojai; a desert oasis where hippies, farmers and tourists live in harmony. Named Ojai (meaning “moon”) by its original Chumash tenants, a certain spirituality and connection

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