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Gallery Cheat to the Street Art House

Charcoal portraits by Robert Vargas Under the Bridge by Collin Salazar Wake Walking by Nicco Babs [From left to right] Polarized, DUBS, and Chu by Kelcey Fisher Assorted pieces by WRDSMTH Love, Father and Child: Los Angeles by Skyler Grey

Nirvana, Christ Cuffaro

An Alternative Perspective on Music’s GREATEST HITS

You’ve seen the iconic photos, now meet the man behind them: Chris Cuffaro   You’ve probably seen the famous photo of George Michael looking out a window, or the Jesus Christ pose photo with Perry Farell, the lead singer of

Luke McGarry: Luck of the Draw

Luke McGarry embodies the look of LA music. Not exactly his face—in fact, he rarely posts pictures of himself—but his highly saturated, not exactly flattering, but certainly accurate cartoons have become mascots for the city’s live music scene ever since

30 Days in LA: Q&A with Sunflower Bean

Brooklyn native band, Sunflower Bean, has only been around since 2013 but their evolution has been a rather exciting one to watch. The band has built a fan base in both the DIY scene as well as the fashion scene, thanks

Staud: Higher Fashion

There is a new player in town, and they’re not here to compete. They’re here to change the game. Reformation’s former fashion director Sarah Staudinger has evolved past the infamous brand to create her own line, Staud. A simple line

Jessica Kuslow: Word of Mouth

Close your eyes. Picture a pesto rice bowl with sheep’s feta and lacto-fermented hot sauce. Seared polenta with spring vegetables and greens. Sounds like a dinner menu, right? In fact, it’s brunch a la Sqirl, the restaurant at the corner

Manuela DTLA: A True Work of Art

Enter through an unassuming alley off 2nd Street and walk down a hallway lined with floor-to-ceiling exposed brick. A Shinique Smith installation dangles over your head, and to your right and left are rooms brimming with sculptures, installations and contemporary works. You have entered

Luke Chiswell: Kick, Push, Coast.

Filled with wood skateboard-inspired pieces and abstract paintings with playful use of resin, Luke Chiswell’s most recent collaboration show with Tappan Collective was a glimpse into what he’s been working on during his short residency in LA. “I’ve been here for a couple months,”

Mustard on the Beat, Ho

Late on a Friday night, friends and I waited outside the entrance of DJ Mustard’s Burbank recording studio for entry approval. Once in, we were led through a dimly lit mirrored corridor lined carefully with framed portraits and platinum records. It

Checking in for the Food: LA’s Best In-house Hotel Restaurants

#1. L.A. Chapter at Ace Hotel Combining a relaxed dining experience with exquisite, locally sourced veggies and seafood, L.A. Chapter is a casual and homey brasserie serving up decadent appetizers and meals. Their daily menu includes everything from unique cocktails such as

En Route: Mexico’s Wine Country

We leave a thick trail of dust behind as the van turns onto a bumpy dirt road. The scenery momentarily lacks signs of civilization, and instead presents us with a rural landscape; a large tract of land in tonal shades, bright

Travel Points: Doing Good with Kind Traveler

Remove the overuse of the word “wanderlust,” and you are left with a term that truly defines the insatiable want to explore outside your own bubble and see a part of the world that’s very different from where you live. But what happens

Summer Happenings at The Broad

Photo by Matt Slaybaugh Inspired by the unique ideas of groundbreaking artists like Andreas Gursky, Jeff Koons and Robert Rauschenberg, The Broad will be hosting Nonobject(ive): Summer Happenings, a series of monthly events filled with art, music and performances that aim to create a fully

One to Watch: A Q&A with Eliot Sumner

It’s 108 degrees in Hollywood, the height of an unexpected heat wave smothering Southern California, but  can’t be bothered. You’d think the oppressive heat would bother the young Brit dressed like a health Goth ninja (“I prefer Jedi,” she jokes)

The Summer Travel Guide Series: Scottsdale, Arizona

Where did Beyoncé and Jay Z honeymoon? Scottsdale and we’re not joking. The close proximity and desert climate attract more than geriatric golfers, and for good reason. The LA weekend getaway offers more than you’d assume by way of good eats, luxe spas

Golden Sound: Q&A with Producer/DJ Claptone

Photo by Sabrina Feige Masked and anonymous musicians are a dime a dozen but one masquerader catching our attention nowadays is Berlin-based act, Claptone. Coming off performances at this year’s Coachella (both at the Sahara and a surprise performance at the

The List: Summer Art Gallery Openings

LACE “The Palinopsic Field” Opening Reception: June 15 LA-based multidisciplinary artist Warren Neidich hits us with an exhibition featuring new and recent works, all revolving around the concepts of McCarthyism, Hollywood and the aftermath of World War II. Attend the opening to connect

Q&A with Jessy Lanza Plus An Exclusive Editorial

No one wants to deal with anxiety but if there is one person who has managed to turn something so unpleasant into a beautiful piece of auditory art, it’s Canadian singer/songwriter Jessy Lanza. Dealing with anxiety was the force behind Lanza’s sophomore album,

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