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NoHo Vegan Sunday: An Angeleno Weighs In

“No, but you have to go!” Jasmine was adamant. “Jasmine, I wear fur. I love almost all meat, including yak. I absolutely love yak… That tender yet chewy delicacy…” I trailed off, as my sentiment seemed to be lost on

An Angeleno’s Guide to Drinking Alone in LA

Whether you’re suffering from a broken heart, too many parking tickets, or just your run-of-the-mill existential crises, my advice is to look to Bukowski. When he was asked why he was alone on a Friday night, he quoted Ibsen, “The

An Angeleno Contemplates the City’s Ordering Neurosis

As I sit here eating a quinoa and butternut squash bowl (referring to it as a “bowl” makes the dish seem more adventurous, as though it could have ingredients other than plain quinoa and butternut squash, but it doesn’t), my

The Timeless Allure of LA’s Classic Tiki Bars

To most of the world, Los Angeles represents a glitzy land of opportunity and grandeur, and while it’s no longer sparkling in the Golden Age of Hollywood (and really it hardly sparkled then), people still flock here in search of

An Angeleno Asks: Should I Be Drinking Green Juice?

New York has pizza, Chicago has hot dogs, and Los Angeles has green juice. Beyond renewed juice cleanses that arise every hour and surrounding fads, green juice is a lifestyle. Since the 18th century, California citrus juices were renowned for

Food, Art, and Cowardice

If Hemingway were alive, there’d be a trail of bloody hipsters down Sunset Boulevard from Café Stella to Trois Familia. In a world where everyone with an iPhone is an artist or a foodie or both, the intersection between how

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Celebrating Food and Food Awareness

The Los Angeles Times launches month long event called Food Bowl Get ready for a food-athon as The Los Angeles Times announced the launch of Food Bowl which will take place throughout the month of May. Food Bowl, which is

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Prepare to Feast

Public School on Tap to have a nationwide battle for best burger. School is in session, but this is not your ordinary classroom. This “school” is a gastropub restaurant called Public School on Tap and they are having a battle for the

Argentina comes to Long Beach

Argentina is the next country selected in Fuego’s monthly Latin American brunch tour. Hold the tango for now and focus on the meals as Argentina will be the next country in Long Beach’s Fuego,  12-country Latin American brunch tour. On Sunday,

James Beard Awards

Honoring Culinary Professionals and Food Journalists

Culinary professionals across the United States to be honored at the 27th Annual James Beard Awards   Culinary professionals across the United States will be honored as the James Beard Foundation is set for it’s 27th annual James Beard Awards.

LocoL in Watts: The NYT, the Menu, the Anniversary

  The first person (literally) to eat at LocoL in Watts journeys back to check-in    My friend knew not to extend an invite to something before 7 a.m. He knows that mornings and I have always tended to disagree.

Off-The-Menu: A Guide to LA’s Secret Foodie Gems

Feb. 10, 2017 If you don’t know, now you know: LA’s most secret foodie gems. Who wouldn’t want to be an LA foodie-insider (or at least feel like you’re tight with the chef?)  From downtown to the beach – and,

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Dining with WaltzIn: Pleasantly Mindless

A new dining app takes pressure off the diner and rests it on the chef’s creativity. By: Branden Raulston It’s Friday night, and the brutal work week has come to an end. The time has come for a relaxing night

Jessica Kuslow: Word of Mouth

Close your eyes. Picture a pesto rice bowl with sheep’s feta and lacto-fermented hot sauce. Seared polenta with spring vegetables and greens. Sounds like a dinner menu, right? In fact, it’s brunch a la Sqirl, the restaurant at the corner

Manuela DTLA: A True Work of Art

Enter through an unassuming alley off 2nd Street and walk down a hallway lined with floor-to-ceiling exposed brick. A Shinique Smith installation dangles over your head, and to your right and left are rooms brimming with sculptures, installations and contemporary works. You have entered

The Sweet Life: Desserts Worth The Drive

Traveling for your stomach can be just as fun as traveling for adventure. Now that summer is winding down, eating sweets is back on our radar (let’s be honest, it was really never off our radar!) There are some delicious

In the Mix: A Conversation with Top Bartender Ryan Hooks + Recipe

Ryan Hooks is a LA bartender who mixes up flavorful creations at Saint Felix in Hollywood. He’s also the big winner of El Jimador’s Margarita Trail, a competition for the best margarita in LA. We spoke with Hooks about his favorite creations, delectable

Checking in for the Food: LA’s Best In-house Hotel Restaurants

#1. L.A. Chapter at Ace Hotel Combining a relaxed dining experience with exquisite, locally sourced veggies and seafood, L.A. Chapter is a casual and homey brasserie serving up decadent appetizers and meals. Their daily menu includes everything from unique cocktails such as

Omakase Style Dining at Q Sushi, DTLA

The inconspicuous setting that DTLA’s Q Sushi exudes on the outside sets the stage for one of the finest high-end Omakase style dining experiences on the inside, helmed by the talented icon responsible for getting this now LA institution listed

Miami’s Real Vice: The Opulent Barton G. Experience

Very few things make us feel like we’re living in total and complete opulence. To think of it, Los Angeles proper can sometimes lack the luster of luxury outside of the Rodeo Dr. block, which almost feels too pristine to