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A food critic feeds his love for Lebanese cuisine at the source

I’ve been thinking lately about the ways that cuisines are transformed and reinterpreted when they’re translated from home cooking to a professional kitchen. It was the subject of my newsletter last week, in conversations with food writers Andy Baraghani and

The Best of Downtown: Food and Drinks

The Best of Downtown: Food and Drinks

The Palm Downtown is full of delicious food and beverage options. Below are some of the best according to Los Angeles Downtown News’ readers as well as a few picks from our staff members. BEST AMERICAN CUISINE Nixo at the


Highland Park may have become synonymous with headlines about flipping Craftsman homes for hundreds of thousands of dollars over asking price and retenanting, but there is one timeless dish that has survived the gentrification and has continued to thrive: the breakfast

An artist trades abstract canvases for pop-up soul food

Under an overcast February sky at Paramount Pictures’ backlot — which was set up to resemble a New York City street embedded with art installations, including paintings of laundry strung between faux brownstones — Ray Anthony Barrett plated a meticulous

A Review of Yelp Reviews

Photograph by Scott Eells — Bloomberg via Getty Images A few months ago, my boyfriend and I drove to Santa Fe. While we had most of that planned out, we found ourselves in need of recommendations winding from Flagstaff to

NoHo Vegan Sunday: An Angeleno Weighs In

Vegan Street Fair, Uncover LA “No, but you have to go!” Jasmine was adamant. “Jasmine, I wear fur. I love almost all meat, including yak. I absolutely love yak… That tender yet chewy delicacy…” I trailed off, as my sentiment

An Angeleno’s Guide to Drinking Alone in LA

Charles Bukowski by Carl Mikoy Whether you’re suffering from a broken heart, too many parking tickets, or just your run-of-the-mill existential crises, my advice is to look to Bukowski. When he was asked why he was alone on a Friday

An Angeleno Contemplates the City’s Ordering Neurosis

Source: Loving It Vegan As I sit here eating a quinoa and butternut squash bowl (referring to it as a “bowl” makes the dish seem more adventurous, as though it could have ingredients other than plain quinoa and butternut squash,

The Timeless Allure of LA’s Classic Tiki Bars

Photographer: Anne Fishbein To most of the world, Los Angeles represents a glitzy land of opportunity and grandeur, and while it’s no longer sparkling in the Golden Age of Hollywood (and really it hardly sparkled then), people still flock here

An Angeleno Asks: Should I Be Drinking Green Juice?

New York has pizza, Chicago has hot dogs, and Los Angeles has green juice. Beyond renewed juice cleanses that arise every hour and surrounding fads, green juice is a lifestyle. Since the 18th century, California citrus juices were renowned for

Food, Art, and Cowardice

If Hemingway were alive, there’d be a trail of bloody hipsters down Sunset Boulevard from Café Stella to Trois Familia. In a world where everyone with an iPhone is an artist or a foodie or both, the intersection between how

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Celebrating Food and Food Awareness

The Los Angeles Times launches month long event called Food Bowl Get ready for a food-athon as The Los Angeles Times announced the launch of Food Bowl which will take place throughout the month of May. Food Bowl, which is

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