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MAMA Gallery Tackles the Arts District Head-On

Ever since MOCA’s highly successful 2011 exhibition, Art in the Streets, the Eastside seems to have fallen rather stagnant where art is concerned, gradually losing momentum in favor of high-priced lofts and trendy storefronts. But with the slow growth of

Art Hype: The Vacation Issue Street Art Outtakes

LA is never short of good art, whether you’re in a gallery or walking, talking. We at LA CANVAS always has a place in our heart—aka magazine—for some of the freshest eye feasts this city’s swarming talent has to offer.

On The Road Again: Outdoor Photographer Dylan Gordon

Outdoor and lifestyle photographers have always found a friend in the open road, and Dylan Gordon is certainly no exception. At just 23, the photographer has traveled the world to document magical landscapes and professional athletes pushing their boundaries, and

Always On The Bright Side: Artist Gray Malin

It’s if adventure photographer Gray Malin is offering you a glass of champagne. His trademark images say, “Have a seat, relax, have another drink, no day can possibly be that bad. Debts, bills, traffic, screaming children, early morning construction…leave it