It’s the Holidays—with a Twang


It’s no secret that the ukulele is having a moment.

With notable cosigns from Tony Blair, Eddy Vedder, and Zooey Deschanel, to a host of international festivals dedicated to its glory—the ukulele has cemented its status as a universally adored instrument.
This season, the folk staple makes its way from the islands through America’s rambling roads and Smoky Mountains to Downtown LA.  

On Friday, December 11, The Music Center will host Ukulele Christmas Orchestra—Americana Editionan ukulele play-along where classic holiday songs will be reimagined with a bluegrass twist as an ode to American folk music. 

From expert to amateur musicians— all are welcome here. Grab some hot coco, head to The Music Center,  and get in the holiday spirit already.  
See You There

* Register by December 4

* Heads up: for the purpose of this program,  a “beginner” is defined as the ability to strum in rhythm while playing these 5 chords in this order: C, Em, F, D7 and G7—so start practicing. 

* And sorry changlings, this one’s 18+ 

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